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We’re carefully monitoring the situation in regard to Covid-19, and we will post any needed changes to programs as they arise. If you have questions, please give us a ring. In the meantime, we are planning our camps for next year, the summer of 2021. (To our great regret, we have had to cancel the 2020 camps.) And, we continue to offer our services of healing and refuge where they’re most needed, in ways adapted for public-health concerns.

O·W·L Youth Camps Summer 2021

We are delighted to offer these camps: O·W·Ls (ages 13-15), O·W·Lets (ages 8-12), LIFfers (ages 16-17). We’re also pleased to be able to introduce a week of Family Camp.

Our Vision

To be with the children is our privilege and joy. While at camp they are welcomed into the life of the Refuge.

The children and youth will have the chance to help in the garden, participate in building projects that are needed by the Refuge, as appropriate for the kids, as well as helping to care for the land, flora and fauna, animals and sharing in the community life.

The campers will also enjoy special youth-based activities like: nature walks, swimming, boating, fishing, arts and crafts, roasting wieners and marshmallows, music, dance, drama, storytelling, stargazing . . .

O·W·L Youth Camps nurture kids’ innate sense of wonder, and further cultivate a consciousness of thanksgiving, empathy, respect, responsibility, and care toward each other and all of creation.

O·W·L Youth Camps offer each child a priceless investment of personal attention, encouragement, and support from qualified, experienced, and caring staff. Counsellors are trained in first aid and CPR. All water sports are supervised by a certified lifeguard. All camps are small in number to help build a sense of presence and community.

Prayer life is part of the fabric of the camp, in a gentle way (nobody is forced to pray).

O·W·L Youth Camps welcome children of diverse backgrounds in a spirit of profound hospitality and acceptance toward each person as each person is. All are valued. All are welcome.

Leadership-in-Formation Program

Older O·W·L campers who we believe have the necessary skills and character will be invited to apply for our LIFfer program. LIFfers will become part of our team helping to build a one-of-a-kind summer made up of beautiful memories and the development of leadership skills that will help carry you throughout your life’s journey. Not only do you develop leadership skills for a better tomorrow, but you will get to do so while learning how compassion and care are experienced at St. Mary of Egypt Refuge. Those who successfully complete the summer will receive training, may apply to be camp counsellors for the upcoming year and will receive a certificate.

The Locale

Immerse yourself in serenity at our beautiful campground located at St. Mary of Egypt Refuge, 206 Barry Road, in the village of Queensborough, Ontario, Canada:

• 20 minutes from Tweed and Madoc
• 1 hour from Peterborough
• 1.5 hours from Kingston
• 2.5 hours from Toronto or Ottawa

2021 Calendar

O·W·L Camp Ages Dates
LIFfers 16-17 TBD
O·W·Ls 13-15 TBD
O·W·Lets 8-12 TBD
Family Week TBD

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O·W·L Youth Camps are a collaboration of:

St. John the Compassionate Mission

St. Mary of Egypt Refuge